ZIAsJUAN is a businessman that wants to build a small business (SME). There are many things to do before opening a business. He will need to comply with all the government requirements and open an account for his business. The ZIAPAY Ecosystem helps ZIAsJUAN to Start-Up his Business. Watch the video of his story on how ZIAPAY ECOSYSTEM helps ZIAsJUAN with his problems.

ZIAPAY is an e-wallet created for ecosystem that gives focus on government revenue collection, gaming industrial sector and the Small and Mid-size Enterprise (SME), Micro, Small and Mid-size Enterprise (MSME) and Z-Commerce during this Pandemic.

Platform that helps the Local Government in offering assistance to the Senior Citizens and Netizens, providing financial assistance through e- mobile apps and QR Code Card avoiding Long lines and crowded public areas.

An application platform for Ease-on-doing-business that is compliant to ARTA 1120 to accommodate online business-related application requests from the public like business permit, business clearance and certification. The OBOSS can accept applications for Business Permit from online submission of application to the assessment of fees.

A hybrid solution platform for online submissions and offline processing of any applications using a QR Code. It can also process online payments and over-the-counter. And can help issue digital certificates.