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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ZIAPAY is an e-Money platform that focus on government revenue collection, gaming Industrial sector and the Small and Mid-size Enterprise (SME), Micro, Small and Mid-size Enterprise (MSME) and Z-Commerce during this pandemic. It is an independent payment gateway that gives convenience, security and transparency to all users.

  • Any kind of Smartphone

  • (2) Government Valid ID

  • Active email address

  • Download and install the ZIAPAY to your smartphone

  • Click “SIGN UP” form

  • Fill in the information needed

  • Upload your two (2) government ids

  • Capture yourself for facial recognition

  • You will receive a confirmation email that your account has been activated

  • Passport

  • Driver's License

  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID

  • Postal ID ·Voter's ID

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

  • Social Security System ID (SSS)

  • Senior/PWD Citizen ID

  • PhilHealth ID

  • National ID


  • OFW ID

  • E-PAYTAX-used to pay and submit tax return information including attachments and taxes.

  • E-RESIBO-provide an electronic issuance of official receipts to the sellers both physicaland online stores.

  • E-OTCPHP- used for online submissions of any applications. (barangay clearance, work permit, sanitary permit, etc.)

  • OBOSS-- used for online submission of Business Permit and pay assessment fees online.

  • ZIACARE-- provide hospital financial assistance using QR CODE for each citizen.

  • ZGAMES-used for online gaming, E-sport betting, E-bingo, E-Sabong etc.

  • ZGAMES CARE-provide financial assistance for hospitalization, medical, and etc. with VIP Membership Card.

  • ZAM1CARD- a VIP Membership card with loyalty points that is used for financial assistance for hospitalization, medical, and etc.

  • PH MARKET PLACE-focus on locally produced products that help local Filipino sellers.

  • ZIADALA-partner of PHMARKET PLACE that delivers the product to the customers.

  • ZIALOAN-used for financial assistance of merchants in capital to their start-up business.

  • ZIALAKBAY-helps house owners to rent out their homes with people looking for accommodation in that area.

It gives convenience, security and transparency to all transactions.

You can only have one (1) ZIAPAY account. Your information can only use or register in your device once. You can contact us for any change or due of loss, so we can assist you on your problem.

  • Click “Forgot Password” on your login screen

  • You will receive an email notification together with 6-digit authentication code

  • Input the received authentication code

  • Input New Password and Confirm New Password

  • You will receive an email notification that your password has been successfully reset

  • NEVER share your password to anyone, sharing with others may put your ZIAPAY WALLET at risk.

  • If encounter suspicious accounts that is asking your password, please report it immediately to avoid huge problems.

  • Only transact with legit sellers.


  • Fill up form to update your date

  • Fingerprint scanning to validate your information

  • Get your physical card

  • Click “SETTINGS” icon


  • You can now edit the following:

    1. Name

    2. Email Address

    3. Username

    4. Address

    5. Phone number

From HOME SCREEN, click the “Transactions” to view your transaction history.

  • It would be best to reach out to the wrong recipient to ask the money back.

  • We will do our best to get your money back, but we will only accommodate wrong cashin if the recipient is not a user of ZIAPAY.

You may check to your transaction history if the last transaction reflected. If not and it deducted to your wallet, please contact us to assists you on your problem


Suite 102, West Gate Suites, Building 286, Sampson Road, Central Business District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
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